Pro-abortion feminist at USCCB?

Pro-abortion feminist at USCCB?

Guess which official of the US bishops conference’s Office of Child and Youth Protection serves on the advisory board of the pro-abortion Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Center for Women and Policing.

That’s right: Teresa Kettelkamp, author of the now infamous memo to all the US bishops.

Now some may claim that simply being the member of the board doesn’t mean she’s personally pro-abortion. If she’s not pro-abortion, then how could she associate herself with an organization that promotes it? If the KKK set up a literacy project, would you have a problem with a Catholic official who joins the effort and allows the KKK to use his name on their web site to legitimize themselves?

Your parents’ old admonition is true: You are known by the company you keep. I think Teresa Kettelkamp should be asked to publicly clarify where she stands on abortion, the tactics of the Feminist Majority Foundation, it’s anti-Catholic bias, and the pro-abortion front’s rabid anti-chastity efforts.

The US bishops just agreed at their meeting last year that no Catholic institution would give a platform to anyone who promotes abortion or other dissent from Church teaching. Should they employ the same person?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • Better print off the webpage quickly as well as the links I provided with the organizations. I’m sure her name will disappear in an hour or less.

  • Here’s a quote from the page about NCWP Training from their website:

    “Law Enforcement Briefings on Anti-Abortion Domestic Terrorism”

    “The NCWP works with the Feminist Majority Foundation’s National Clinic Access Project, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, the National Abortion Federation, and the U.S. Department of Justice Abortion Violence Task Force, in conducting regional briefings for local and state law enforcement on anti-abortion violence and terrorism.”

  • I sent an email asking why Teresa Kettelkamp, a member of the Feminist Majority Foundation which is headed by Eleanor Smeal, a well-known leader of those supporting abortion,is on an advisory board for the Protection of Children/Talk About Touching program that is being mandated for the training of Catholic children. The address I sent it to was on the
    NCCB website:
      Dr. Patricia Ewers,Chair
      Review Board % the Office of Children and Youth Protection( 202-541-3000)
    3211 Fourth St. N.E.
    If anyone has a more accurate address to send our question to, please post it!!

  • Maybe she can go work whereever Ekeh (sp?)Ono, the John Kerry Staffer/USCCB staffer, went.

    Thanks for the cache, isn’t technology great? We’re too dumb for copyrighted Scriptures on podcasts but I think we have this internet thing figured out pretty good.

    This’ll be a good one for the Papal Nuncio for his records and for our local Bishops as we beg them to withdraw from the USCCB.

    The USCCB is in schism.

  • Surprise, surprise, surprise.  This shocks you?  They employ a whole zoo of theological freaks at the USCCB.  Can’t you tell?

    Scrap the USCCB.  It’s an engine for dissent.  They should get not one penny from the collection plate.

  • Alice, what we need to do is make a stock letter and pass it around, so that it can be sent out by lots and lots of bloggers—-inundate them.

    We need to do this each and every time this sort of thing is discovered.

    Wear them out.  CC our local bishops.  Make it clear what is going on.