Pro-abort Catholic pol stands up to bishops

Pro-abort Catholic pol stands up to bishops

This isn’t really new because we’ve heard the same uninformed bleating from pro-abortion politicians before, but a Missouri congressman says that Archbishop Burke went too far telling him he couldn’t go to Communion. Actually, Rep. William Clay goes further than most by threatening the Church’s tax exempt status. Once again, if a Church cannot tell its members what is moral and what is immoral, then what can it do? It may as well close it doors and stop wasting people’s times.

And as far as I’m concerned, if it comes down to tax exemption versus preaching the truth, it’s no contest. Give Caesar what he demands, and then continue to condemn the emperor’s immorality.

  • Clay inherited the seat from his Dad. He’s as bright as a sack of hammers. He popped off about Ab. Burke here in StL last week and I suspect Clay is gunning for a showdown sometime before the November election. As for the tax exemption garbage, that’s the musing of an idiot. What about the baptist church Kerry visited – for three hours – Lacy? No politicking there?

  • I’ve been waiting all day for a report on Clay’s “visit” with Archbishop Burke…Since it’s late, and there was, evidently, no press conference afterwards, I’m, wondering if perhaps Clay has seen the light, so to speak, after having been shown the errors of his thinking?