We just got a letter to the editor on our August/September issue of Catholic World Report, particularly on the article about the dispute between Cardinals McCarrick and Ratzinger on pro-abortion politicians receiving Communion. The letter writer notes that in his California diocese, his bishop thought the movie The Passion of the Christ was so dangerous that he wrote an editorial in the local newspaper the day before it opened. He also recently issued a public reprimand for a parish that was celebrating an unauthorized Tridentine Mass, noting that only one such Mass per month in one designated parish is allowed in his diocese. Yet when the mayor of his city began issuing marriage licenses to gay couples, he was conspicuously silent, as he also is on the scandal of pro-abortion Catholic politicians stomping on the Chuch’s teachings. I guess it’s just a matter of priorities.

  • I take it the letter refers to Archbishop Levada in San Fran.  I live across the Bay from his diocese and I will add that the Archbishop had spoken out against gay marriage and I believe even participated in an outdoor public protest.

    I don’t have anything to add about the abortion and Passion of Christ topics.

  • Obviously sodomy is not a mortal sin but the Traditional Mass is.

    Now this bishop would say that the Tradtional Mass isn’t in it’s self a sin but a vestige of a prior modle of the church.  As Vatican 2 has stated that the Pope is only one among the bishops, this Mass must have approval of the local bishop.  Those attending it would be “outside of the Church.”  And after all, the Pope really didn’t mean what he said in Ecclesia Dei.  It really is only for old people.

    Now gay marriage is a subject about which the Church must have sensitivity.  After all, God gave gay people their orientation and these couples have a right to live in the love of God and of the Church.

    Previous admonitions against sodomy were only reflex opinions of a homophobic Church.  Now, in this post Vatican Two era, we know that gay people, being also part of the “People of God”, have a right to express their sexuality in the direction that HE/SHE has given them.

  • Sarcasm will get you nowhere, Brian.  I have to assume that’s what all that crap above is, because you couldn’t possibly be serious.  Or at least I hope not.

    The views above pretty much would put a person outside the Catholic Church if they were serious.

  • Many Catholic Bishops are in a difficult spot—the ORDAINED homosexual-termite infestation in Chanceries and Dioceses can be a large number.

    Naturally, this means that if there are any skeletons, they can be brought out of the closets.