Prayer request

Prayer request

My good friend, Zoe Romanowsky, has asked for us to pray for her niece Mia, born 3 months premature yesterday. She’s only 2 lbs, 6 oz., and almost didn’t make it through the night. she was baptized last night and needs our prayers, both for her and for her family. Thanks.

  • Will do. My youngest son was born 10 weeks early weighing 3 lbs, 2 oz, so I know how scary that is. I never prayed more in my life (up to that point—I’m a more consistent “prayer” now) than I did when he was in the hospital and that first year of his life when it seemed like we were at the doctor’s office or the hospital all the time. He’s doing great now, though (he’ll be six next week), so there’s definitely reason for hope.

  • Zoe has emailed an update: “She is hanging in there … fighting hard. She has pneumonia in her lungs and has been on meds to stabilize her blood pressure. They are trying to slowly decrease the meds to see if her immune system is engaging. Keep praying please! And thanks for asking..I’ll keep you updated.”