Portland & Boston: the differences

Portland & Boston: the differences

The Oregonian looks at the differences between the archdioceses of Portland and Boston and why Portland ended up declaring bankruptcy protection while Boston didn’t. Basically, Portland is facing civil suit damage requests several times larger than what Boston faced, while Boston had property, like the $90 million chancery grounds, that could be sold to an entity like Boston College, while Portland doesn’t.

We keep hearing people claim that parishes are closing in Boston to pay off sex abuse claims, but that hasn’t been true here. However, looking at Portland, that may soon be a reality. What will the lawyers and their clients say to parishioners suddenly bereft of their churches because the property had to be sold to pay them off? How much public sympathy will remain for the victims?

  • I should think, Dom, that the ire of the people should be turned upon the molester priests and the bishops who let them get away with it.

  • Granted, but I think the greed of some lawyers, a system that encourages ridiculous damage awards, and a misunderstanding by victims of who they’re really hurting by taking all this money out of the Church are all given too much of a free ride.

    Yes, the molesters are first and foremost responsible, then the bishops, but anger at them won’t keep their parishes from being sold off.