“Poor” Saddam? Sympathy for the “devil”

“Poor” Saddam? Sympathy for the “devil”

I am flabbergasted. I am almost speechless (but not quite). I shouldn’t be surprised though.

I’m talking about “lefty” Catholics who, upon seeing coverage of the capture of Saddam Hussein, have as a first reaction the need to denounce the US for showing “demeaning” video images of him. What?! Here’s just one syrupy example, from a nun in Australia. It’s not the only one I’ve seen though.

For one thing, the reason video footage was shown is so that no one can say that we really haven’t caught him. (Of course, the kookiest of kooks will still deny it, like they deny the moon landing. There are plenty of them on the radical Democrat web sites.) Still, it is necessary to get the point across to those still fighting in Saddam’s name that he is out of circulation, that he is gone.

A friend told me today that a co-worker said to him, “So what if Saddam killed thousands of his own people. What does it mean to me? Why should I be excited?” You may as well re-phrase it, “So what if Hitler killed millions of Jews. What does it mean to me that he’s dead?” That is the most self-centered garbage I think I’ve heard. But if next week someone they know dies in a terrorist attack financed by Saddam’s money, they’ll be crying for his head, too.

Back to the original point: It’s not like Saddam was being manhandled or beaten or tortured on videotape. Saddam used to have his victims videotaped as they were tortured and watched them as entertainment. No, our troops were treating him a lot better than he deserved. Don’t feel sorry for him. He is a brutal evil man. Pray for his conversion, pity his pathetic waste of a life, but don’t feel sorry for the Butcher of Baghdad.

Where is the widespread sympathy of these same people for Saddam’s hundreds of thousands of victims? Where was their outcry then?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli