Political cover

Political cover

Pro-abortion Catholic Senator Dick Durbin tries to defend himself and his colleagues from charges of not being good Catholics by saying that when you compare their voting records with the legislative priorities outlined by the US bishops’ conference they all come out looking goof. Ted Kennedy, Durbin, and John Kerry, of all people, get scores of over 60 percent. Of course one problem with this is that it puts agricultural policy on the same plane as the murder of innocent children.

There is a hierarchy of truths here and the right to life is the fundamental moral issue. It hearkens back to the old excuse that at least Hitler made the trains run on time.

Part of the blame for this confusion must belong to the bishops’ conference. Because they spend so much time and energy on issues of marginal and debatable importance, it gives pro-abortion politicians political cover. People of goodwill can disagree on immigration policy without violating the Church’s teachings, even if they disagree with the official bishops’ conference policy, but not so with abortion.

  • Dom,

    I have to agree with you, the numbers nothing more that political cover.  It is telling that none of the Cahholic poloicians score 100, even on pro-life issues.  It would be refreshing to see at least a few of them show complete obiedience to the magisterium.

  • The was a time when a political hack was a guy who smoked cigars, washed down his whiskey with a beer in a smokey bar, and wheeled and dealed jobs in his ward.  Now the term is graced by the likes of Senator Dick “Do Nothing” Durbin whose gifts to Illinois have been his own re-election and self-promotion.  We were better off with the former kind of hack.  At least, they personally passed out baskets at Christmas, donated turkeys at Thanksgiving, and trimmed that tree in front of the constituent’s house.  They also had enough good sense to appear faithful to the teachings of the Church even if they were privately crooks.
    As for the bishops, what can one say about this group as a whole with some bright exceptions.  Lazy, pampered, vain and cowardly men, they will pass on without much grief at their loss.
    Their legacy will be the garbage that they left behind for several generations to clean.
    Just remember that if you ever shake hands with any of them or Senator Durbin, ad nauseum, to scrupulously wash your hands afterwards.

  • JH,
    Durbin attended my old highschool with my cousin, and lived in the parish adjacent to mine. There was never a bigger buttkisser come out of East St. Louis than Durbin.  In fact, I cannot recall any male Durbin that was born with a spine and the senator has repeatedly proven over his terms that he is little more than Boxer’s, Feinstein’s ,Kennedy’s and Clinton’s ninny-boy…just as he was raised. No, JH don’t wash your hands. Count your fingers