Phoenix’s new bishop starts off on right foot

Phoenix’s new bishop starts off on right foot

It looks like the Diocese of Phoenix definitely got an upgrade in the office of bishop. Reports are beginning to come out that newly installed Bishop Olmsted spent his Christmas Eve praying outside an abortion clinic. He said that since Christmas is about God becoming one of us, as a child entering the world, it is especially significant to pray for the unborn who might be killed on that night. “This is Calvary, an innocent victim is dying here,” he said.

He added that he will be a pro-life witness, especially to Catholics, and most especially to politicians.

Good for the good bishop. Many prayers go out to him.

  • Isn’t that a real scandal, Joanne? That someone who presumably goes to Mass on a regular basis would be floored that the priest spoke about something so basic to being Catholic, as if she had never heard such a thing before? And perhaps she hadn’t.

    Priests are human, too. Some people don’t want to make people mad at them so they avoid topics that would end in that result.

    Of course, homilies should not be harangues nor should they alternate each week between abortion and contraception as topics. Still, a decent homilist could figure out how to consistently present such basic information to what should be a receptive audience.

  • Tom,

    I think you misunderstood Joanne. I don’t think the woman she was talking to works at an abortion clinic. Joanne works in the health care industry and was referring to a woman she works with.