Pat’s tribute to Reagan

Pat’s tribute to Reagan

Earl at Times against Humanity notes Pat Buchanan’s moving tribute to Ronald Reagan. I may disagree with Pat’s politics now, but he is an old Reagan hand who was a key part of the Reagan Revolution.

  • I am not fond of Pat’s views on Israel these days. I have somewhat mixed feelings about what he says about immigration.

    But, he has proven to be prophetic in his 1992 comments about the culture war.

    Look at where we were then, and look at where we are now, after the GOP ran as fast as they could from Pat’s “insensitive,” “intolerant,” and “non-inclusive” speech.

  • Pat Buchanan is very prescient.

    Regarding Israel, his view seems to be that American soldiers should not be dying for Israel’s right to exist. Makes sense to me.

    Dom, if you don’t mind me asking, what part of Pat’s politics do you disagree with?