Papal greetings to Fr. Maciel

Papal greetings to Fr. Maciel

  • Why doesn’t he just canonize him and get it over with?  Oh, wait, he isn’t dead yet.  Too bad…

    Meanwhile the Society of St. John is still fundraising despite the fact that the bishop has supressed the order.

    Perhaps if the mixed messages we’ve been getting since Vatican II could cease, we could once again recover some balance.  I don’t see much hope for that any time soon, however.  Insanity…or chaos magick.

  • Um, Dom and Carrie, am I not reading the same thing as you two?  I don’t think that statement implicitly says anything about the accuations against Fr. Maciel.  It is your typical fare that gets issued when groups within the Church are celebrating an anniversary or a moment in their life.  Truthfully, I don’t think they are all that different than the types of statements you might see made by a diplomat to another nation on the occasion of an important event.  They certainly restate some truths of the faith, but are probably mostly polite nothings.