Padre Pistolas

Padre Pistolas

A Mexican priest is called Padre Pistolas because he carries a handgun tucked in his belt, because he serves in a very dangerous area. He’s also built 40 miles of roads, schools, churches, bridges, and playgrounds in his parish. I would guess that St. Gabriel Possenti, proposed patron of handgunners, would be his patron.

Unfortunately his bishop doesn’t like Father Gallegos’ style: “I have been fighting with the bishop. He is so angry with me. He doesn’t like my gun.”

Still, Gallegos’s guns and his super-sized persona have gotten him into hot water with the local bishop, who wants him to leave building roads and hospitals to the government and televised musical performances to entertainers. “He wants me to stick to baptizing children and saying Mass,” Gallegos said.

  • Ain’t nothing wrong with doing good works, and ain’t nothing wrong with carrying a pistol, if needed to protect oneself. 

  • I concur with Sinner, BUT:

    The article gives the impression that the priest is more concerned with his “cult of personality” than with administering the sacraments.  If that’s the case, then he needs an ego-ectomy.