Outrage over Law

Outrage over Law

A memo to all the professional pundits outraged over Cardinal Law’s new assignment in Rome. Before you can call being named to the cermonial post of Archpriest of St. Mary Major Basilica as a “prestigious posting,” answer me one question: If it is so prestigious, what is the name of the previous officeholder? You can’t tell me, can you?

The fact is that the ceremonial title is just about giving Cardinal Law a semi-permanent residence in Rome so that he can live there while he continues his work on the seven pontifical congregations and councils. You’d think these people would be more upset about the cardinal’s membership on the Congregation for Bishops (which he’s held since before his ouster from Boston) than some ceremonial job with an apartment. After all, at the congregation, he has a hand in picking the world’s bishops.

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  • A great number of bishops should have been removed by the Pope for aiding and abetting the sexual molestation of children.  Law should never have been given anything which appears to honor him.  He has sullied the Church and brought evil to bear on children.  For shame…  (And you wonder why so many Catholics are so cynical about the Church…)