One track minds

One track minds

A synod of all of Europe’s bishops get together to discuss the momentous task of addressing the concerns of a continent in the 21st century. Then the Pope distills their thoughts, adding his own, and produces an imposing apostolic exhortation. And what does the Boston Globe (and Associated Press) find in it? The Vatican reaffirms celibacy for priests. Oh yeah, and water is wet.

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  • Dom:

    “To turn that phrase around, liberals of all stripes just can’t stand the idea that somebody, somewhere is not having sex.”

    My take is that most liberals can’t stand the idea that people are having FUN! They’d far more, in my view, prefer that we are miserable and therefore in need of help…help, preferably, provided for and defined by THEM.

    ‘Course, their defintion of “fun” is rather limited: in the liberal lexicon, “Fun” = “Sex.” The lexicon does expand on “sex” in that it includes everything and anything…but that’s about as far as it goes.

    I once mentioned that I enjoyed learning as much as I could about women saints, Mary especially, but others too. And was immediately pounded on by a liberal “Catholic.”

    Apparently I was being “naive” and also “self-destructive” by taking pleasure in learning about all those “submissive” types, when what I should’ve been doing was “lamenting the terrible role models” these “So Called `Saints’” were presenting to “Our Young Women.”

    I politely declined any further edification, alas,  explaining that I’d rather enjoy my religion than lament it.

    (At least, I’m pretty sure I was polite about it.)