On voting well

On voting well

Tomorrow’s a very important day, as we all well know: It’s All Souls’ Day!

Of course, it’s also Election Day and I hope you will all go out to vote. Now, I don’t want just anyone to vote: there are too many uninformed people who don’t have a clue about the issues who will cast their vote on a whim to want them in the polling places. In fact, I’m one of those people who don’t think high voter turnouts are a good thing in themselves. I only think it’s good when all those people are educated and informed voters. (Actually, I’m spending some time today to get fully informed about my local races in order to cast a good ballot.)

But I don’t think any of my readers fit the mold of the uninformed voters, so I want you to vote. Not just those of you in states where your vote could swing the presidential election either, but even those of you in Massachusetts where we know Kerry will likely win. That’s because we have other concerns as well. The homosexual activists have come out in force (pun intended) to defeat politicians who oppose the creation of gay marriage and want to give voters the chance to decide how society will be ordered and they want to protect those pro-gay politicians they’ve got safely ensconced on Beacon Hill.

So for those of you on the South Shore in Marian Walsh’s district, vote for Bob Joyce for state Senate. If you live out near Worcester, vote for David Schnaider. And you Somerville people, make sure you elect Victor Ciampa over Carl Sciortino, a gay activist who disrupted Mass at the cathedral in Boston last year to protest the Church’s teachings.

I also want to add an excerpt from an email I received today from a reader who lives in New Hampshire: