On the front line and the homefront

On the front line and the homefront

A Marine reserve unit based in Ohio is suffering enormous casualties, while their families in their Ohio hometown suffer along with them long distance.

One here, one there, then four, then eight, then one. That was the toll in May alone for the flinty battalion, headquartered in Brook Park, a Cleveland suburb, and dispatched to a remote desert outpost on the Euphrates River in Iraq in March. Then came this week, the worst so far. Five Marines from the battalion were killed Monday, and an additional 14 on Wednesday.

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  • I like the “free iraqis” term. Of course, if you deliberately forget there’s an occupation army in their country for more than two years now and a puppet government. How do you feel if a foreign (of islamic faith for worse) army deambulates around your country. Surely not free at all.
    Cannot you understand yet that your soldiers (the ones dying now for nothing) went there based on lies about WMD and not to free IRaq? I live in a really catholic country where almost 80% of the people feels strongly against the invasion as a non christian thing at all.