On the 2nd Amendment

On the 2nd Amendment

A note to the ACLU and all the gun-control groups out there that claim that the Second Amendment is outdated and past its utility and/or was only meant to allow us to buy hunting weapons.

What’s happening in New Orleans, vis-a-vis the gangs now roaming the streets raping and killing at will, is exactly why we have the Second Amendment. When government, in the form of law enforcement or the military, cannot defend you and your family from bodily harm, it is our duty to defend ourselves. What we are seeing now is that even in our modern, safe, 21st-century society there can still be times when barbarity and savagery need to be beaten back.

When the slavering mob is banging at your door to get at your wife, your children, and you, and there are no police available to come help you, what will you do? It’s a question I’m seriously thinking about.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli