On Minkler

On Minkler

The Troy Record has more on Bishop Hubbard’s exoneration by the hired, in-house investigator of charges he ever engaged in a homosexual lifestyle. Of course, since all the data’s private and it wasn’t a truly independent investigation who can determine the whether the report is worth the paper it’s written on? Meanwhile, the investigator also releases her report on Father John Minkler, even though the actual criminal investigation isn’t done yet, and even pronounces Minkler’s death a suicide without even having access to the suicide note or any other of the evidence.

  • I’m sure White’s reputation is worth more to her than anything she was paid for doing this. Her entire career rests on her reputation as an impartial investigator. She gets enough business that she didn’t need to take this job. Why would she risk this reputation by allowing +Hubbard to influence her investigation? Ditto for the thoroughness of the investigation, this is her job, no one is more qualified, this is why she’s able to bill corporations over $700 an hour. It’s absurd to suggest she doesn’t know how to conduct a proper investigation.

    Anyway, you can’t bribe a polygraph. He may be a lot of things, but homosexual isn’t one of them. Let it go.

  • Well, it is what it is.  “No credible evidence” isn’t exactly “not guilty.”  Especially when White didn’t have access to some of the more pertinent evidence, such as interviews with Zalay, a copy of Minkler’s suicide note, etc.  Since she also didn’t have the cooperation of the individual claimants or the Albany D.A., I would suspect that prudence would dictate that she offer some caveats to her conclusions, rather than exclaiming that she is “extremely confident.”

    And what’s this about the data not being made public?  Is her report not being made public?  This investigation was conducted in a highly public way in the media, starting and ending with well-attended press conferences called by White (with her client’s consent, natch).  And now they’re not going to release everything?  We’re to just trust Mary Jo? 

    And I thought she’d promised to release a copy of her retainer agreement with the diocese once the investigation was concluded?  What happened to that?  Did she (or her client) change their minds? 

    “Her entire career rests on her reputation as an impartial investigator”

    You must be thinking of a different Mary Jo White.  This Mary Jo White’s entire career rests on her being a zealous and effective advocate for her clients, previously as a US Attorney, now as a high-priced criminal defense lawyer.  Granted, she may or may not have been retained as a neutral here (we’d need that retainer letter to really understand the nature of the relationship), but there’s no way her career rests on any notions of her impartiality.

    “no one is more qualified”


    “this is why sheld come to the conclusion that Minkler’s letter to Cardinal O’Connor had no basis in fact.  There were a lot of names on the letter and I think some have already been confirmed.  I know the apostasy, bizarre liturgical abuses and heresy have been many times over.  I agree with you that you can’t bribe a polygraph, but you can fool one.


  • PMC,

    Yes, Mary Jo White, the criminal defense lawyer and former US attorney in addition to advocacy specializes in internal investigation, which requires impartiality. She is very much in demand as an investigator.