O’Malley’s response to the shot across his bow

O’Malley’s response to the shot across his bow

Since not everyone reads all the comments, some have been asking what happened when Archbishop Sean O’Malley of Boston celebrated Mass at the parish of the noted dissenting priest Fr. Walter Cuenin on New Years Eve.

Fr. Cuenin had just addressed his parishioners in his bulletin with a statement on same-sex couples that contradicted the clear teaching of Archbishop O’Malley. However, Fr. Cuenin was on vacation last week, so no direct confrontation between the bishop and his priest was possible. But the archbishop did say the following, according to RC who was present at the Mass:

Abp. O’Malley mentioned the push for same-sex marriage a couple of times in his homily and in the intercessions, saying that “even some of our own people are deceived” by the secular mindset presented in advertising and in the media.

A Mass. Catholic Conference flyer distributed to those who attended urged the faithful to support the proposed state constitutional amendment to define marriage.

Of course, I didn’t expect much more than that. Anything that happens will definitely happen privately, not in public. But here’s hoping that something happens.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli