Olmsted swings and misses

Olmsted swings and misses

I knew it was too good to be true. Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix disappoints after his recent good decisions on homosexuality, dissenting priests, and the Latin Mass. Now he’s saying that he won’t deny Communion to Catholic politicians who flout the Church’s teachings on fundamental culture of life issues. Instead he will try to educate and persuade them.

“My job is to get to know the key people in the state and appeal to their consciences,” he said.

Sorry, Your Excellency, but that really doesn’t cut it. It’s not like these people don’t know what the Church teaches. It’s also not like we’re talking about excommunication. Canon law holds that these people are under interdict because of their actions. By allowing them to continue to receive Communion, you are letting them compound grave sin upon sin. It is for their own good, on the one hand, to deny them Communion, but it’s also for the good of the rest of the flock to understand the gravity of promoting abortion, gay marriage, and other policies which trample upon the dignity of life.

I guess no one’s perfect. Too bad.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli