O’Brien surfaces in Pope-Passion quote mix

O’Brien surfaces in Pope-Passion quote mix

This op-ed masquerading as reporting takes the cake. This entertainment reporter weighs in on the Vatican-Gibson controversy, but the bias is so palpable it’s like a sheen covering the whole thing. For one thing, who pops up as expert on all things Catholics, but our old friend Fr. Richard “where’s my collar” McBrien.

Let’s look at the biases in the story: The reporter says Mel Gibson is schismatic. that’s not at all clear. We know his father is a loony, but the sins of the father do not carry on to the son in his genetic code. From what I’ve heard, Mel had cordial relations with people at the Vatican when he was making the movie. The reporter as much as labels Gibson an anti-Semite, without actually having any knowledge of Gibson’s belief system.

Second, the article completely overlooks the evidence brought forward by Peggy Noonan and Rod Dreher that the papal spokesman himself said the pope gave his endorsement and encouraged repitition of it. It also ignores that John Allen, who has very good Vatican sources, separately corroborated the story.

What it all adds up to is that the reporter is speculating like anybody else but prefers to cast Mel Gibson as the one in the wrong because he dislikes his traditional beliefs. Oh yeah, and the Pope is a senile old man who is being taken advantage of by nefarious factions inside and outside the Vatican.

This entertainment reporter even sneers: “Word of the screening and the alleged endorsement first surfaced in Daily Variety—known, of course, for its Vatican connections—followed quickly by the Reuters report and the Journal column.”

“Kettle, this is the teapot calling. You’re black.”

If the people at the Vatican thought this would draw attention away from the Pope’s remarks about the movie, they were sadly mistaken.