Now where did I leave that plastic explosives?

Now where did I leave that plastic explosives?

I can imagine the conversation that followed this major SNAFU:

“Aha, you failed the training exercise because you didn’t find the Semtex.”

“OK, you got me. Where is it?

“Right here on the bumper of this… Hey, wait, where’d the pickup truck go?”

Massachusetts law enforcement: Making us safer by leaving high explosives lying around. I’m especially edified by their assurances that Semtex is perfectly useless without detonators.

“So where do you keep the detonators?”

“Oh, they’re right here in ... Hey, where did the box of detonators go?”

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  • I just read the article, and am shocked!

    The put it on someone’s truck, who didn’t know they were putting it there, and didn’t watch it, and the employee who drives the truck innocently drives away in it, unseen. 

    When I was in the Army in Texas, our Aviation Squadron lost a case of 75 ea. 2.75” Rockets, which they claimed they had fired on the weaponry range.  The only way they were caught, was the rockets showed up in a flea market in Jaurez, Mexico, and were traced back by the lot number.  I only thought this happened during weapons qualifications.