Mel’s moral support for Terri

Mel’s moral support for Terri

Mel Gibson has sent a public statement of support for Terri Schiavo and called her parents to tell them that he supports their efforts to save her. “I fully support the efforts of Mr. & Mrs. Schindler to save their daughter, Terri Schiavo, from a cruel starvation..

“The name just complemented The Gardens of the Palm Beaches,” mall Marketing Director Jeannie Roberts said. Saturday, Baxter the Bunny is available for photos at the Mall at Wellington Green. At Town Center in Boca Raton, Peter Rabbit will hand out goodies and pose for pictures. “Because we’re such a multicultural community, it’s good just to remain neutral,” mall General Manager Sam Hosen said.

Not that the Easter Bunny is all that religious to begin with, but the intent here is to clearly break whatever little connection to Christianity there is and have the holiday trappings without the holiday meaning. Of course, like Christmas, they can’t just do away with the holiday altogether because they need the commercialism that spending on the holiday brings on. Thus, we get the “Garden” Bunny.

  • In my son’s elementary 4th grade class (public school), they just had an assignment where they were to write a tall tale about a rabbit character.  The assignment included making a cardboard cut out of one’s character. 

    In a note sent home to parents, the teacher stressed that the class was not making Easter bunnies.

  • If “winter break” isn’t centered on Christmas, and “spring break” isn’t centered on Easter – according to secularists – then I remain surprised they still bracket those religious holidays. 

    IMO the day will come that they won’t be anchored to those feast days, and “spring break” will start on March 20 every year regardless of when Easter Sunday is.  That’s when the separation will be complete.

    If the UN and their goofy 13-moon calendar pushers had any say in it, it probably would have happened already.

  • Actually, I don’t think most spring breaks are centered on Easter. In Massachusetts, grade school spring vacation has always been the week that includes April 19 (Patriots Day), no matter when Easter falls. And most colleges have the same spring break every year, and not all of them are the same week. But in general it’s the second or third week of March.

  • The Gardens Mall is in northern Palm Beach County—the tolerant section of the Palm Beaches. I’m 15 minutes from the mall and haven’t been there in a decade. The first Christmas did it. Thought I was in Moscow at a “Father Winter” festival.

    Oddly enough, Catholics and Protestants are very active in Palm Beach Gardens, Juno, Abacoa, North Palm Beach and Jupiter—the major towns served by the mall.  But they lay back and take it when the anti-Christian minority acts up.

    A national phenomemon I guess.

  • Where I live in CA believe it or not, from elementary school through high school, Easter vacation is still the week before and the week after Easter.

    And it’s never been connected to Patriot’s day – I’ve never even heard of Patriot’s day.  What a difference 3000 miles makes!

  • Take this year, for example: I work in a public elementary school, and the last day of school is Friday, March 18.  We go back on April 4.

    But – last year was different because Easter was later, and next year will be different.  So happily, until someone realizes the connection to the religious holiday still remains, our vacation time changes every year – based on Easter Sunday. smile

  • Easter bunnies don’t have a connection to Christianity. And most Christians know it. (as Dom made a point of saying). But the forces of intolerant secularism feel compelled to eradicate anything that has even the remotest whiff of religion—- unless, of course, it’s muslim or neo-pagan. We can’t offend them.

  • What holidays doesn’t the left try to spoil? PBS ran a kid’s cartoon last November on the “Fall Feast”  which taught the kiddies the value of “sharing.”

    More and more this reminds me of E. Yaroslavski and his League of Militant Atheists. He had a periodical as slick as the old Life Magazine. On religious holidays, Yaroslavski would stage counter holidays mocking Christianity. Booze and often cocaine for all the good little atheists right in front of the Christian faithful.

    Stalin stopped his massive funding as WWII approached and the country needed Christians to fight the Great Patriotic War.


  • Patriots’ Day, in addition to being a day off for state workers, is the date of the Boston Marathon, so school buses in the afflicted towns wouldn’t be able to get around even if the schools were open.

  • Sorry, I forgot I was logged in as Dom. Didn’t mean to make you sound like you had multiple personalities.