Those who are not hungry don’t appreciate the Bread

Those who are not hungry don’t appreciate the Bread

"Those who don’t understand why Christ came in the form of food, have never been poor."

Belief and understanding in the Real Presence of Christ in the Eucharist is an all-time low in our country. At the same time, Americans are the most well-fed people in history. Is it a coincidence?

For most of history, the majority of people have struggled to survive from meal to meal. Even those who were moderately well off were usually only a bad harvest from starvation. Perhaps it takes a real hunger to realize your absolute need and dependence.

"Imagine what it means, that Christ became food for us to share and consume. Imagine the audacity of God, the impossibly lavish gift. We gather at this table, all of us accursed who walk in exile through the valley of the shadow of death. All languages, all cultures are one here. The rich and the poor, the clean and the lepers, those who bear a curse more visibly than others– together we receive the Bread of Heaven which cannot be thrown to the dogs but is freely given to the accursed. God is our celebration, giving of Himself so that we might live. This is pure love poured out, kindness and self-giving like we have never known. This is the Miracle before which all others pale. This is the Bread of Heaven, and blessed is His name."

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli