Non-Catholics calling us to stand firm

Non-Catholics calling us to stand firm

  • Fr. Wilson is right.  The flaw in the professor’s column is in his use of the term “self-respecting Catholic pastor.” 

    Remove that modifier and *poof*— the problem vanishes. 

  • I’m surprised they think there’s a reason to bother with it.  The Democratic Party now equals the party of baby murder, sexual license and perversion, attacks on the Boy Scouts, and overall Godlessness.

  • So there is a wide tent in the party, serious prolife Christians would be welcome.

    Last I heard, “Democrats for Life” (yeah, I know, it sounds oxymoronic) still aren’t welcome at the Inclusive Party’s convention.

    That said, this whole editorial seems rather silly to me.

    I am worried about God, more specifically about who will ask that God’s grace touch these delegates? Who can we expect to see offering invocations and benedictions for Democrats?

    How do guys like this get their jobs? Does the writer not know that the delegates can—and had damned well better—each ask that God’s grace touch them?

    Because if they don’t…well, in their shoes I guess I’d be “worried about God” too.

  • Now Kelly, these are busy and powerful men and women!  Why should they be expected to work God into there schedule when they spend good money to have some preacher guy – a real specialist – pray *for* them?  Just because you or I don’t have the wherewithal to higher someone else to take care of our souls’ eternal destiny, doesn’t mean we should look down on those who do.  Just how un-inclusive is that!

  • One of my kids went to Holy Cross College in Indiana for a while.  One day he just quit in disgust and transferred to a big public university where he ultimately earned his degree.

    After he left Holy Cross in Notre Dame, IN, it took me two years to get him inside a Catholic church building again.  He was that disgusted with it.

  • But Domenic, are you talking about this one, affiliated with Notre Dame, or the one in Massachusetts.  They don’t sound much different in condition to me.

  • Prediction:  There will be a Cath’lic priest or bishop who will lead a bennydiction or invocation at the Dimmycratic Convention in Bahsten.  Because, saints preserve us, doncha know that the USCCB is the Dimmycratic Pahrty at prayer?  Someone will come thrrru for dear old Senator Kerry, the wonderful [mock] Irish Cath’lic that he is.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Archbishop O’Malley did it himself.  And Saint Jack Kennedy and Saint Tip O’Neill will be invoked throughout the convention, God love us all [‘though not necessarily in the bennydiction or invocation]. 

    And I pray to God that my prediction is wrong.

  • When I was a kid, Catholics all over the world said prayers for the conversion of Russia after every Mass. My grandmother had an old missal in which the prayers after Mass were for the conversion of England.

    Maybe we should start thinking about instituting prayers after Mass for the conversion of Democrats, hehehehe…