No more funding of perv priests

No more funding of perv priests

The new bishop of Springfield, Mass., has decided to dissolve a fund set up for priests suspended for abusing others. Bishop Timothy McDonnell took the action after howls of protest from victims and their advocates. He wasn’t exactly eager to dissolve the $100,000+ plus fund.

“With the best of intentions, a series of donations were made last year and earlier this year ... to alleviate the responsibility the diocese has under Church law to provide sustenance to priests who are not allowed to function. The fund that arose from these truly charitable impulses have been so misunderstood that it has had to be dissolved,” a diocesan statement read.

Yes, it might have relieved the responsibility from the diocese, but it was still connected to the Church and it was diverting certain kinds of charity to them. Now the money will go to scholarships instead. It was set up under former Bishop Thomas Dupre, who resigned under a cloud.

  • I think the bishop’s right in wanting to dissolve the perp-support fund, but since the donors gave their money for a specific purpose, he really ought to refund it.  There is a duty—maybe even a legal one?—to honor donors’ intentions.