No gays, says bishop; they’re okay, says priest

No gays, says bishop; they’re okay, says priest

Bishop John D’Arcy of Fort Wayne, Indiana, was in his old stomping grounds in Boston over the weekend, creating a bit of controversy by publicly stating that men with a homosexual orientation should not be ordained.

‘‘We must be very careful of who we accept in the seminary and who we ordain as priests,” D’Arcy told parishioners at Our Lady of the Presentation Church, the Brighton parish in which he grew up. ‘‘It’s time to ordain men of quality, not to just look for numbers.”

He said good priests are men who would be good husbands and good fathers, modeling behavior that is implicit in the conceptof fatherhood, including the spiritual fatherhood of the priesthood. It is a belief that says that homosexual men, by the very orientation they embody whether they are chaste or not, cannot be such role models. I know that there has been much debate over this topic, and Bishop D’Arcy’s comments won’t settle it, but I find it interesting he says this.