No deal

No deal

A Washington, DC, newspaper will report in its Friday edition that the White House has put the smack down on a fundraising event for Crisis Magazine and the Morley Institute, which is run by former Crisis editor Deal Hudson. It seems that as part of the fundraising golf tournament, attendance at a White House briefing was offered as part of the package.

That’s a no-no. When reporters contacted the White House, they canceled the event. You can’t use the White House itself to raise funds for a third-party, and you especially can’t use access to White House briefings and administration officials to raise funds.

Looks like Deal was trying to revive his standing on Pennsylvania Avenue. Back to square one, I guess.

I’ll put up a link when I see one.

Update: Here’s a link to the story.

  • Square one? Deal needs to get back to Square Zero—his continuing status as “Catholic voice” is hypocrisy and moral turpitude of the most blatant kind. The Holy Father wants a purer Church, no? Deal doesn’t help that cause at all.

  • It’s going to be a long climb from where Deal has buried himself with this misstep following on the heels of the previous plunge into negative numbers.  Zero?—he’ll be looking up to see it.

  • My how times have changed. “In June of 1864, in the midst of the Civil War, a small group of Black men knocked on the door of the White House and asked for permission to present a petition to President Abraham Lincoln. They were ushered in. The petition undoubtedly must have surprised the president. The men were Catholic, and they were asking to have the consent of the President to hold a lawn party on the White House grounds on July 4 for the purpose of raising funds to build the first Catholic church for the Black community of Washington. It was a request much easier to grant than many coming in from the battlefields. The meeting with these men enabled Lincoln to forget the war for a brief moment. Lincoln immediately granted the request. ‘Certainly you have my permission. Go over to General French’s office and tell him so.’”