New post for John Paul’s secretary

New post for John Paul’s secretary

Pope Benedict has appointed Archbishop Stanislaw Dziswicz, the late Pope John Paul’s longtime personal secretary, to become the next archbishop of Krakow, Poland. It’s a nice symmetry that Pope John Paul was archbishop there before becoming pope and it’s fairly certain that the archbishop will become a cardinal at the next consistory. Good for him. I’m sure he will be embraced by the people of the archdiocese.

  • No big surprise here, and a truly joyous crowning moment in Abp. Dziwisz’s Priesthood as he returns to his home diocese and the See once occupied by his spiritual father.  Not too shabby, either, is the list of his academic credentials which appeared in his biography in the Vatican’s announcement of his appointment.  Anyone here wonder whether he was the “in pectore” cardinal which was never mentioned?  Seems that he’ll get the red hat after all.  What a kind and gentle man.

  • “What a kind and gentle man.”

    Yes indeed. I will never forget the forlorn and lost look on his face at the funeral of John Paul II. Very sad.

    I’m sure the people of Poland will be blessed with him back in their embrace. 

  • He’s served a Saint very well. He’s served the Church very well. Now, he gets to go back home to his people to serve them – very well.  Stolot!!!!!!  bear witih me, Father JT. I grew up a mick in a predominantly Polish parish. Spelling may be off but my intent is pure. (Phonetically, I’m okay – yahg zhe mahhhsh? And man oh man do I miss that great food!)