New photos

New photos

More such photos past the jump so click through…

  • I love these photos! There aren’t all that many…you had a zillion more of your wedding.

    The ones of her going up the stairs are especially great…I approve fully of her caution (I’m recovering from a broken finger for not being…cautious.) Although her “happy/sad day” series is cool, too. We can all relate.

    One thing, Dom? They’re really not Bella’s first “pony tails.” They’re “pig tails.” A pony tail is singular. I can’t explain it, but trust me on this one.

  • Kelly, Dom,

    mea culpa! I think I was the one who referred to them as “pony tails” on my blog. I do know the distinction; but often fail to observe it. Guess it’s just my rebellious nature. Or maybe it’s a Texas thing. I think literacy-chic, also of Austin, also referred to them as pony tails on her blog.