New photos!

New photos!

This will be mainly of interest to friends and family, but the photo gallery has been updated with lots of photos from over the summer. Of special note is the superhumungous wedding photo album, which now includes all the photos from friends and family in addition to the official photographer’s shots.

You’ll also find photos of the bachelor party, fourth of July, the tall ship Friendship, apple picking at Marino Lookout Farms, and more. Enjoy!

  • I got to 201 of the wedding photos…I love wedding pictures. (They make me cry.)

    Awesome processional Crucifix you’ve got at Immaculate Conception!

  • Kelly, Yes it is a gorgeous crucifix. Unfortunately, it seldom gets carried in processionals. Most Sundays the altar servers process empty handed and the crucifix and candles are already on the altar. Not sure why that is, but I find it very disappointing.

  • I would, too.

    Sometimes at my parish—although this hasn’t happened recently—the Crucifix isn’t carried in at all (nor is it already on the altar). This usually happens when there is a shortage of servers and the Crucifix gets sacrified in lieu of the thurible! I don’t get it either.

    Your pictures are giving me an education…I was, just a couple of weeks ago, the “main witness” (that means, “matron of honor”) at a wedding—first time for me. I had no idea what to do with the train of the bride’s dress after the rite except hold it.

  • Dom says it’s a shortage of servers. They can usually only get two. (Though that doesn’t explain why they can’t carry in the candles. I only dream of having a thurible!

    RE the train. Did you mean my sister bustling it up outside after the ceremony? That only happens if the bride has had the dress altered to have little hooks to tuck it up, which not everyone does because it is an additional expense. If her dress had that capacity, your friend the bride should have told you and let you practice in hooking it up. I had Theresa practice it a few times so she’d get it right.

  • Well, you let me off the hook, so to speak…she did’t have any hooks, or, if she did, she didn’t let me know. So thanks!

    I don’t get the no candle thing either…do the two servers hold candles while the Gospel is being proclaimed?

  • glad to help.

    no, usually the servers never touch the candles. They usually stand in their stands on either side ofthe altar during the whole mass. 

  • Then they probably at least hold the book for the celebrant and assist at the washing of hands, right?

    Hey, I’ve got an idea!

    Since you don’t have much else to do <g>, why not approach Father Murphy and ask permission to start an altar server (try to get boys…it’s non PC, but you get my meaning) recruitment campaign! You really only need 4 at the most per Mass: book, candles, thurible.

    Either that or con—I mean, persuade—somebody in the parish to do it.

    Now I’m going back to the pictures, hanky in hand wink

    P.S. Don’t worry about this thread…nobody except you and I are talking about it!