New issue of Catholic World Report

New issue of Catholic World Report

image The November issue of Catholic World Report is on the way to mailboxes and newsstands. (Click on the image for a larger version of the cover.) I particularly like the artwork on the cover. It is Raphael’s “Disputation of the Sacrament” and it was displayed on a giant screen in the Synod hall during the Synod on the Eucharist. (Melanie suggested the use of that particular piece of art for the cover.)

As you might expect the cover story this month is on the Synod. We also have stories on emergency contraception in Catholic hospitals; the 500th anniversary of the Swiss Guard and their current challenges; how Indian Catholics are leading the fight against AIDS in their country; a great interview with Catholic artist James Langlet, who has created some beautiful Catholic art; the trial of a Belgian Catholic priest in Rwanda; and the usual departments.

I’m especially happy that this is our first full-color issue. I think it looks awesome. If you haven’t subscribed yet, may I suggest you click on that ad at the top left of the page and do so now while also getting a very nice subscription bonus gift?

Next month we’re having a special C.S. Lewis Narnia issue, including a review of the movie by Stephen Greydanus and articles by Thomas Howard and Joseph Pearce.

  • A year or so ago I cancelled my subscription to another Catholic magazine and started my subscription to CWR.  For those of you who are not already subscribers…CWR is worth every penny of the subscription price! 

  • Now Abe, you’re not Dom’s hand puppet are you? ;O)

    But seriously, nice cover!  I have never read this publication; I’ll have to check it out.

  • No John, but I once thought of becoming a ventriloquist. 
    I’ve never seen CWR on a newsstand anywhere so you may have a tough time finding it w/o the subscription.  You could always do a trail subscription and cancel if you don’t like it but I seriously doubt you won’t enjoy the magazine.