New England Patriots

New England Patriots

Last night, I went to the New England Patriots preason game against the Chicago Bears. I took some photos. What a fun time, although it’s very expensive. Parking is $30. A soda was $3.50. A slice of pizza was $3. But Gillette Stadium is amazing. As my brother Bernie said, it’s like a Disney World for football.

Anyway, the Pats look good, although they were a bit inconsistent in some areas. I think they’re going to do very well this year.

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  • The Pats will sweep the Bills. Belicheck has Drew’s number. He had it when he was coaching the Jets and he had it last year. I’m predicting four interceptions in the first game.

    I think the Pats also have a chance of sweeping the Jets and they will probably split with Miami. I think Miami is the only real contender for the AFC East title.