New bishop for Portland, Maine

New bishop for Portland, Maine

Here’s interesting news. Bishop Richard Malone, auxiliary of Boston who was born right here in Salem, has become the new bishop of Portland, Maine. He replaces Bishop Joseph Gerry, who is retiring because of the age limit.

Good luck and congratulations to Bishop Malone. Unfortunately, he was the point man for the Boston parents opposing Talking about Touching and it looks like they’ll have to find someone else in the chancery to take up their cause with.

  • I’m anxiously to know who is coming to Worcester. I hope it’s Bishop Lennon (auxilliary in Boston for the West region.) He handled VOTF very smartly when he stood in for Cdl Law (basically slammed the door in their faces.)

    I just like the way Lennon looks, like a cop: tall, jet black hair, seeming to be equally capable of befriending children and smashing criminals with his billy club.

  • He’s a good priest and bishop. Perhaps not the most courageous or outspoken. He’s certainly not Archbishops Burke or Chaput, but he’ll do well. Of course, the Holy Spirit could have special things planned for him and we’ll see a whole different Bishop Malone now that he has his own see.