New Bettnet improvements

New Bettnet improvements

In our continuing efforts to serve you, the readers, we’ve made some improvements here. (That’s a royal “we”; it’s really just me here ... and I have to admit it wasn’t my doing, but the software that runs the site has been upgraded.) Anyway, here are a couple of improvements.

1. Faster, faster! You should notice that comments post much quicker. Rather than a minute or two, they now post almost immediately, within a few seconds normally. That should make everything easier for all of us.

2. Follow comment discussions more easily! You will now notice at the bottom of each entry on the Comments page, right above the box where you enter your comment, a link that says “Subscribe to thread.” If you click on it, you will now receive an email every time someone posts a comment to that entry. In the past, you only received an email if you had contributed a comment, but now everyone can get that function whether you post a comment or not.

3. Easier for me! There have also been some backend improvements that you won’t see, but that will help immensely with managing the site. I hope that also means more time for actual blogging.

Thank you all for your patience and I hope you enjoy the improvements.

  • I’ve said it before, I know, but the improvement is remarkable, particularly in the speed in posting. And the “subscribe to thread” is an interesting option.

    Just a test to see if the italics are working…

    If not, it’s no big deal…we can always use quotation marks. Thanks!