Never miss an opportunity to bash the Church

Never miss an opportunity to bash the Church

It seems that a dictum of the Boston Globe is to never miss a chance to bash the Church or her teaching. To wit, in today’s edition Bella English writes about the women of one family who have a tradition of having dinner together once per month. Um, okay. What’s the point? Yeah, they’ve been doing it for 25 years, but don’t other people have longstanding family traditions? What makes this newsworthy?

But then, right in the middle of the article, we’re treated to several paragraphs bashing Cardinal Bernal Law and then later on we hear undermining of the Church’s teaching on homosexuality and bashing of “The Passion of the Christ.” The article ends with a remark that for the first time, outsiders are being invited for their 25th anniversary, including Sister Zita Fleming, the retired head of the archdiocese Office of AIDS Ministry. Hmm.

So again I ask, what was the point? I might dismiss it as a non-sequitur until I remember that Bella English has recently been assigned by the Globe to cover parish closings, and that when she has done so, she shown a bit of bias, inserting her opinions about the selection of particular parishes in her town into her supposedly news, not opinion, pieces.

Am I being paranoid? Maybe. But then it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you. And as we’ve seen ample evidence of, they are really out to get the Church.

  • Here’s my email to She Who Must Be Obeyed:

    “Good job, Bella . . .

    …in the middle of a puff piece on a nice family tradition, you managed to get
    in some steel-toed kicks on a prostrate Church, already down like a punch-drunk
    fighter.  good for you—kick ‘em while they’re down, i say.

    did your story, purportedly on these gals and their family bond, really require
    three paragraphs on their angst about the Church?  or was that just a little
    extra zing from you to us?  i could see where you wouldn’t want to go a column
    or two without bashing us.

    yours in Christ,
    fr. jim clark
    403 union st.
    rockland, ma 02370

    Gee, I wonder if she’ll respond . . .

  • Jane is bringing two nuns, Sister Zita Fleming and Sister Denise Kelly, who taught her daughters in high school. ‘‘They’re so much fun,” she says

    I don’t know about Sister Denise, but Sister Zita couldn’t have taught her daughters in high school, given their ages. At the time, she was teaching at Regis College.

    Anyway, no, Dom, you’re not paranoid.

  • My experience with most nuns these days, unless they are wearing habits, is that they have gone “native” —native socialists, that is!  Check out the websites of the Benedictines and the Sinsinawa Dominicans if you want your hair to stand on end.

  • And next former NJ Gov McGreevey will be covering the homosexual marriage debate. (Oops, shouldn’t say that too loud, don’t want to give the Globe any ideas.)

    The good news is that – I’d like to think – most people, even those who agree with the Globe’s slant, realize that it *does* have a slant. I don’t think too many people who read the Globe actually believe what they are reading. Am I being too hopeful?

    Fr. Clark, please let us know if Bella responds. You never know. On the other hand, I suppose it’s more likely she’ll someday write a column or book that describes all the harassing “hate mail” (like yours) she got when she was covering the RCAB church closings!

    God bless, all –
    Joanne smile

  • I’ve often thought for many reasons that a majority of the Irish in Boston must have rocks in their head (and I’ve told my Irish-American sister in Boston so).

    Why they continue to pay their hard earned money for the anti-Catholic Globe is beyond me.  And columns like this one—with its caricaturish drinking, singing, dissenting Irish—are exactly why I’m baffled.  I really think that many people, sadly, revel in these stereotypes and think that they are supposed to live up to them.  The Globe, of course, celebrates and reinforces that notion.

  • If those quotes are accurate Sr. Zita needs a head and soul transplant – she is leading not only people with same sex attractions astray but the general population . You know – us bunnie rabbits who can’t possibly control ourselves.

  • No no no, Kelly.  Most, not all, and certainly not thee. 

    But I’ll admit that I’ve got a few hard things banging around in my cranium.

  • Sister Zita was indeed a part of the group—funded and promoted by our own Catholic Charities—that ran Courage and En-Courage into the ground and pushed P-FLAG down the throats of those whose children had horrified them by “coming out.”  She’s unabashedly in favor of sodomites sodomizing.  And she’s been lionized by Cardinal Law.

    Any more questions about the gay sex scandal in the Archdiocese?

  • She was recently lionized in the Pilot as well.

    Fr. Clark… it’s nice to see you unafraid to use your own name. I’m sure there are more priests here who share your thoughts and frustration, I wish they would ‘come out’ like you have done. Unless orthodox priests and nuns start to speak out on the evil that seems to have infiltrated the chancery and so many of our parishes, things will not change. The people, if they care at all, have been so misled for so long, at this point, they don’t know any better.