NCR’s Fox has resigned

NCR’s Fox has resigned

Why am I just hearing about this? Tom Fox, longtime editor and publisher of the National Catholic Reporter, has resigned. It said the unexpected resignation was for “professional and personal reasons.” Hmm, if it was just for personal reasons it would say so. What could those professional reasons be? The article speculates that his personal political attacks on people like Deal Hudson may be a reason why.

The weird thing is it says he resigned September 29, but they only accepted the resignation on November 13, and we’re just being told about it day, November 23.

First, Dan Rather, not this. Are all the liberal media resigning in disgust at the election? Yeah, we wish.

  • Looks to me as though the Board of NCR has demanded more accountability from Fox which he will not give them.

    Maybe it’s about the Hudson affair—or maybe it’s about the general ‘slant’ of the newspaper.

    Perhaps the NCR’s Board has figured out that their 1960’s rad-chic take is, ah, well…dead?

  • Sooner or later, if this paper wants to stay in business (which is after all the point of any company’s efforts), it will have to go where the money is.  And the money ain’t with a dwindling bunch of former hippies with attitude problems.

    The money *is* with the younger people now. And they don’t rant and rail about the same things.  Sooo, time to get rid of the old ranter and get a new one.  Good business.  Overdue, I might add.

  • In some countries, it’s a tradition for the leaders of the losing party to resign after an election, to make way for young blood. 

    With Rather and Fox going, and Kerry staying on, we have a good picture of who the leaders of the losing ticket really were.