Nanny government: where logic doesn’t have a chance

Nanny government: where logic doesn’t have a chance

In the Soviet Socialist Republic of Canada, the smoking commisars told a booze-free club for alcoholics that they had to serve liquor if they allowed people to smoke.

Last month, bylaw enforcement officers visited Keep It Simple, a booze-free private club for recovering alcoholics on Edmonton’s north side, and found that the 12-steppers therein were smoking heavily. Since only establishments with a full liquor licence can permit smoking, the witless officers actually instructed the club to either go apply for one or drive its smokers off the premises (and, presumably, into licensed bars). The owners went for a licence, but when they admitted they had no intention of actually selling booze, their application was rejected. “They weren’t looking for a liquor licence, they were looking for a smoking licence,” sneered a liquor commission spokesman.

The anti-smoking nazis tell us that they’re doing it for our health, but then they go and do something like this and prove that it’s more about controlling other people’s lives. Coming soon to an American city near you.

[Thanks to Relapsed Catholic for the link.]
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  • Colby Cosh writes:

    “It’s the eternal law of life—people are never so mean to each other as when they suppose they are doing good.”


    They’re trying so hard, these people, to cure themselves of alcohol addiction…and not only does the government not encourage them: they discourage them!

    I’d find this hard to believe except that it’s so easy to believe.