Myers backpedals

Myers backpedals

All too often today, a bishop’s courageous statement will be followed by a quick retraction of back-pedal when he meets with bad press. Such seems to be the case with Archbishop John Myers of Newark. The archbishop on Friday said he wasn’t taking a slap at NJ Gov. James McGreevey with his recent statement that pro-abort CINO politicians.

“I didn’t name him specifically in the letter,’’ Archbishop Myers said. “We have an understanding that I won’t personally criticize him. And we are working together on a lot of issues, like providing social services for the poor and helping people with H.I.V. So I think we reached an understanding. I actually like him, and I think we have a cordial relationship.”

They have an understanding? What is that supposed to mean? So if the governor makes an anti-Semitic or anti-Catholic or racist remark (not that I’m saying he has or would) would the archbishop refrain from criticism? How can the active support of legislation that results in the murder of thousands of innocent children not merit criticism?

  • If only Pilate and Christ could have come to an understanding.

    Myers looks craving and foolish.  He should have made it clear, by name, that McGreevey is in a state of unrepentant mortal sin.

    Since McGreevey ignored Myers, Myers proper response should have been an escalation not a retreat.

  • Dear Lord,

    Please send us a bishop who will defend Your will and be intolerant of sin and evil, no matter what.