More rebellion by priests

More rebellion by priests

There’s another whole aspect to this parish closing issue that we’re just beginning to delve into: Priests aiding and abetting the protesters. Case in point: Infant Jesus-St. Lawrence in Brookline, which was closed in October, celebrated Mass at the beginning of the month. You might ask how since the pastor has been re-assigned.

The church has been holding a 24-hour vigil since Oct. 29, but Mass has not been held there since it closed. The Mass, which was celebrated by a non-Diocesan priest, attracted 191 people.

“Non-diocesan” is a vague term. It could mean either a priest of another diocese or a religious order priest. In any case, it is a priest who is acting in de facto, if not de jure, rebellion against Archbishop Sean O’Malley. When you add this to the incidents of certain unnamed priests supplying the Eucharist to these parishes for use in illicit Communion services, in violation of Archbishop O’Malley’s direct order, and you have a serious problem of disobedience in the ranks of the clergy. This is a test of leadership. What will the Archbishop do?