More options on gay marriage

More options on gay marriage

Some more constitutional experts offer alternatives to the constitutional amendment to protect against the judicial imposition of gay marriage. There are two options here: end civil marriage in Massachusetts or impeach the judges.

The first one may be the most radical. In that case, couples who wish to be married would have to go out of state for a civil marriage and then return to their own church for a religious ceremony if they wish. Cumbersome? Yes, but it would certainly focus the attention of the voters on what needs to be done.

The second would certainly be more satisfying and less cumbersome for the majority of people. The writers outline the two procedures Massachusetts has for removing judges and the rationale. Do I expect our politicians to have the courage to do either of these? Not in the least.

[Thanks to Brent at Southern Appeal for the link.]
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  • Hey Raver:

    If I find my sister HOT, and if we use condoms for sex, or I have a vasectomy, and have her fertilized with someone elses sperm (who is married to his sister also), why cannot we marry!?!?!  Why cannot we have a family…  we’ve proven we can cohabitate, and we would even be of opposite sexes…  And she is of the age of consent…

    I don’t want her to work, so she can be on my medical.

    We certainly LOVE each other!!

    Just the next logical step…

    Or perhaps my mom, or even my dad.  Or my daughter when she turn 18… or maybe we could move the age down to 12….
    I could sue the state, and the SJC would do that for me.  They do want us ALL to be happy.

    Isn’t it great when you mix scientific gains in reproduction with the new legal morality…

    I’m really looking forward to your brave new world!