More on the Salem vampires: sex and death

More on the Salem vampires: sex and death

The local Salem newspaper, The Salem Evening News, is now covering the vampire ball I mentioned the other day and the attendant controversy over advertising for it. I highlight it here because of the additional details we learn about what motivates these people.

To recap, the poster depicts a kneeling woman in a bikini, touching herself, and covered in blood. Here’s what the self-proclaimed witch organizing the event says about it:

“I guess we didn’t find the poster offensive at all, truly we didn’t,” Day said. “I think puritanical Salem needs to get over 1692; they’re a little bit backwards.”

Ah yes, the tired old argument that we’re all so backward, and why don’t we become modern like them. After all what kind of Neanderthal could find such a thing offensive?

As for violence against women, Day says, “It doesn’t look like the violence was exactly inflicted upon her. In actuality, it is she who is doing some of the violence.”

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli