More on the “minority” Pope complaint

More on the “minority” Pope complaint

Just wanted to add a couple more points on the complaint that the white European-dominated Catholic Church disrespected the “minority” Catholics of the Third World (who are in reality the majority of the Church, not minority).

First, it’s an insult to say that only someone with a particular skin color or from a particular country can be aware of the needs of those people. It also lumps together disparate cultures and races. Are the needs of south Africans the same as the needs of north Africans and the same as the needs of Latin Americans and Asians and so on? By this calculus, no matter where the pope comes from, he will neglect the needs of the rest of the world. This is just ridiculous.

Second, it’s a false stereotype to say that white First World cardinals rejected any possible Third World candidate. Of the 115 electors, at least 40 were from Third World nations. Clearly, many of those electors voted for Pope Benedict in the conclave, if not most of them. This wasn’t a white Euro-pope selected by white Euro-cardinals, but a Holy Father who can address the needs of the whole Church and continue the legacy of Pope John Paul and who was selected by cardinals representing the entire Church.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli