More on Archbishop Flynn’s Kettelkamp memo

More on Archbishop Flynn’s Kettelkamp memo

Diogenes does a deeper analysis of Archbishop Harry Flynn’s memo on Teresa Kettelkamp, head of the USCCBureaucrat Office of Child and Youth Protection.

He notes that Archbishop Flynn tries to distance the National Center for Women and Policing (NCWP), for which Kettelkamp serves/served on the board, from the Feminist Majority Foundation (FMF). Flynn says FMF “provided funding” for NCWP, when in reality NCWP is a subsidiary of it. Flynn also says that “Ms. Kettelkamp was never in any way associated with or active in the FMF.” He declares that attempts to link her to FMF are “untrue and unjust.” To use Diogenes’ analogy, it is true to say that General Motors more than just “provides funding” for Chevrolet, but in fact controls it, and that someone who works for Chevrolet is “linked” to GM. It would be just too. Like Chevrolet is to GM, MCWP is a subsidiary of FMF, even so far as sharing its web site.

  • It’s too late for Archbishop Flynn and Teresa Kettelkamp to cover this up.  She has to go!

  • Well, John, one thing worth noting is that Flynn volunteered his archdiocese to be the guinea pig for the Gavin Group audits following the Dallas charter.  Minneapolis-St. Paul was first in line and they passed with flying colors.  One of the auditors was Teresa Kettelkamp.

  • Diogenes?  Isn’t that the person who has just been declared, pronounced, and defined “Objectively EEEEEEEvil” by the Wackisterium at several Parishes of St. Blog’s?  Apparently he cracked some jokes and called into question the actions of certain persons in the Catholic Church.  Need more be said?

    Flee from him, your immortal souls are in peril!

  • Not to derail two threads in one week (honest, dombud, honest) but I’m glad Diogenes has apparently decided to ignore the St. Blogs Wackisterium. Some things just deserve no response.