More about Fatima

More about Fatima

The Fatima Family Apostolate has a series of articles on controversies regarding Fatima, including the rumors that Fatima will become an ecumenical shrine, that Hindus were allowed to worship in the Chapel of the Apparition, and that Our Lday’s desire for the consecration of Russia has not been accomplished. It also addresses conspiracy theories regarding the Third Secret of Fatima.

Interesting reading, especially for those of us who don’t keep up on such things.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli
  • Take a look at “Our Lady of the Universe”

    The artwork was done by Jacqueline Ripstein, a Mexican Jew, who has copyrighted the design.  Notice the image’s neck.  It is far out of proportion.  And she has no feet.  The picture is creepy.

    James Twyman uses it in his website for his Order of the Beloved Disciple.  Notice Fr. Joso’s Prayer at Item #4 in this website.

    Fr. Jozo Zovko has created a this prayer to the image.  He is a Catholic priest.  The Beloved Community follows the grand tradition of the Bogomils and Cathars.

    Twyman, a so-called “Peace Troubadour”  uses the image on the website that sells his musical recordings.

    Twyman is behind the making of the movie “Indigo”.  It is his book that contributed the story to the movie.  The movie was produced by Stephen Simon, of “What Dreams May Come” fame.  Simon has started a “Spiritual Cinema Circle” to promote this movie and an upcoming movie made with the help of Neale Donald Walsh, based on his “Conversations with God.”

    The whole shebang is a money-making proposition.

    Twyman claims to have had a vision at Medjugorje of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  He promotes devotion to the Divine Mother.  If you read the accounts of the Fatima Hindu event, you will see they were also worshipping the “Mother”.  There is a community in India, outside of Pondicherry, that worships the “Mother” as well.  They have a structure called the Matrimandur (sp?) which is at the center point of their community.

    Twyman’s books are published by Findhorn Press.  If you know anything about Findhorn, you will know that there was serious channeling going on there.

    “Indigo” is about psychic children.

    Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

  • Thanks you for posting this. Anytime I try to convince “some” people that the Consecration was done I get the “conspiracy theories” delux. We can either listen to the Church when She speaks or we can ignore Her and listen to renegade priests that speak against Her.

    God bless

  • Actually, Carrie, it kinda reminds me of something I studied in art history: Parmagianino’s Madonna of the Long Neck madonna ofthe long_neck1534.jpg
    The Madonna of the Universe is very typical of the Mannerist style, but with a modern sensibility. Not necessarily my taste in Madonnas, but not exactly a new idea, either.

  • The link works now. (And I fixed the link in your first comment.)

    The problem with Melanie’s link is that whoever put the picture online included a lot of weird spaces in the URL. Bad form, as Captain Hook might say.

  • sorry, I am a humble English teacher and know very little of these esoteric web matters.
    Thanks for fixing it, Dom.

  • Thanks for fixing mine as well.  Code is not my specialty, unfortunately.

    Melanie, the painting may be done in a Mannerist style, but according to Twyman, it is a rendering in paint of a photograph he took.  Here is the original photograph according to Twyman.  Long neck.  No feet.  Malachi Martin said he had doubts about Medj. because Mary has no feet.  He made a reference to hooves under the dress.  Martin was an exorcist.  One would think his opinion would be significant.

    While Medj is getting enormous attention, the approved apparition at Akita, which is said to be a continuation of Fatima as well, gets little notice.  The seer, Sr. Sasagawa, is a stigmatic if I recall correctly.  There is not the commercialism associated with it.  It is much more in keeping with the other approved apparitions.  Unlike Medj.

    Something else interesting—the last name, Twyman.  Do you have a copy of William Kennedy’s book Lucifer’s Lodge, the book about the priestly sexual abuse scandal that was published last year?  Kennedy says he worked with Malachi Martin in attempting to get to the root of the network of priests in the Church.

    Anyway, the book has an introduction written by Tracy R. Twyman.  Twyman has her own webzine—“Dagobert’s Revenge”—a website devoted to the Merovingian Dynasty, the Knights Templar—Dan Brown and Baigent, Lincoln, and Leigh material.  She edits Red Dragon Press.  She also has her own magical fraternity called Ordo Lapsit Exillis, an initiatory order.  In short, an O.T.O. lodge.  She makes it quite clear in the website that they revere Lucifer.

    She works with a man named Bud Rice, or she did.  They had a falling out at one point.  She and Rice went to Rennes le Chateau and did some digging.  I don’t remember what they claimed to have found.

    Boyd Rice is a musician and artist.  His rendering of Lucifer adorns the cover of British journalist Gavin Baddeley’s book Lucifer Rising  Baddeley specializes in the occult, rock music, and trash culture according to the jacket which says:  “During his research for this book, he was made a Priest of the Church of Satan by Anton LaVey, who dubbed him a ‘smart cookie.”  On p. 181 of Lucifer Baddeley writes:

    Boyd Rice, one of Schreck’s former heretical brethren in the Church of Satan, first made his name as an experimental musician in the late 1970s under the name Non.  Early releases included 7” singles with three or four different holes drilled so that they could be played off-centre, and an album called “Pagan Muzak” which – featuring a dozen locked grooves offering twelve looped tracks – could, theoretically, play for all infinity.  Rice was a pioneer of the industrial genre, working in pure noise, sounds that stretched definitions of the word ‘music’ to breaking point and beyond.”

    I don’t know if Tracy R. Twyman and James F. Twyman are related or not, but they are both working with Cathar-related concepts.

    William Kennedy told me in email that he had Twyman do the intro to his book because she was the only publisher who would publish his writings.  Apparently he had tried to get material on the scandal into Catholic publications, but had no success.

  • Carrie,

    You said that William Kennedy worked with both an exorcist and a Satanist to get his book published?

    Something is very much not right about that.

  • Carrie, don’t take this the wrong way, but sometimes you remind me of the math professor in the film A Beautiful Mind—always perceiving patterns and organization in randomness. You string together all these vague associations between various loonie people and it all adds up to…what exactly?

    In this particular argument you appear to be making some kind of case about Medjugorje, which is somehow tangentially relevant to what Dom posted about Fatima. Your train of thought, as far as I can make out is—-

    1. Some nutcase went to Medjugorje once and claimed that he saw Our Lady.
    2. Said nutcase had a Mexican Jewish woman paint a creepy image.
    3. Nutcase and painter make use of a prayer written by a Catholic priest associated with Medjugorje (actually, you assert gratuitously that the image inspired the prayer.)
    4. Nutcase is involved in a lot of nutty stuff with some other nutcases.

    The implication, I gather is that something is amiss in Medjugorje because some nutcases claim to be inspired by it, and that we should be very afraid because the nutcases are highly organized and effective.

    I don’t understand why we can’t use the same reasoning to prove that Medjugorje is great stuff. Let me do it for you based on your second post: Malachi Martin was an outspoken critic of the Medjugorje phenomenon. Martin was somehow associated with William Kennedy. Kennedy wrote a book with an introduction by a practising Satanist, who has the same last name as the nutcase! Birds of a feather flock together. Ergo, Martin is with the Satanists and the nutcases and if he’s criticizing something it must be holy.

    It wouldn’t bother me so much if you didn’t apply the birds-of-a-feather, six-degrees-of-apocalyptic-nefariousness logic to attempt to connect—as I’ve seen you do before—John Paul II to Gurdjieff via Solovi’ev, or the journal “Communio” to occultism via von Balthasar’s association with a Steiner disciple.

  • Excellent post Rob!

    I am reminded that it is all too easy to get caught up in the minutiae and loose sight of the prize.

  • The prize, Colleen, is the Roman Catholic Church.  The prize is those souls that can be won away from God.  If you are a Catholic, you know the source of efforts to gain this prize.  That source is ever vigilent and works best when his reality is denied.  Which is what you and Rob and Jamie are doing.

  • For the rest of you, you’re familiar with the term “networking”?  The process by which a lot of small groups can pursue their joint goals without a centralized authority? 

    The way you track the activities of those engaged in networking is to link one group with another the way I’m doing it.

  • I think Rob’s point is that you have amassed a whole lot of circumstantial evidence without any solid evidence. That two people share a last name is interesting, but hardly means anything. That a painting looks “creepy” to you is an opinion, not evidence.

    You have constructed this tenuous thread between an artist and a Satanist, but you admit that you aren’t even sure if Tracy Twyman and James Twyman are connected in any way. You refer to Bud Rice and Boyd Rice as if they are the same person.

    You did the same thing with von Balthasar. Just because he wrote the foreword to a book that had something problematic in it says nothing about his own work or the work of JPII.

    Correlation is not causation. An apparent connection is not necessarily a real connection.

    Tracking “networking” groups is fine if you have actual data to go by and not just suppositions and vague references.

  • Bud Rice and Boyd Rice are the same person.  “Bud” was a typo.

    The last name coincidence (Twyman) is interesting because they are both pursuing similar goals, i.e. promotion of Gnostic Christianity or Johannite Christianity, or Rosicrucian Christianity, all of which amount to the same basic thing, with the inevitable variations that flow from taking your theology from mystical experience instead of from doctrine.

    Re von Balthasar and his forward…if you wrote a forward to a book, giving a glowing testimonial to the contents of it, and that book claims Catharism and Catholicism are really the same thing, would I be totally wrong in thinking there just might be something a bit off about your theology?  Catharism is a heresy.  I trust you know that.

    The artist is not Tracy Twyman.  Twyman is an editor of Red Dragon Press and a website called Dagobert’s Revenge.  She is also the grand magister of Ordo Lapsit Exillis, a magical initiatic fraternity of her own making, which claims on its website that it serves Lucifer.

    Do I understand you correctly that you have labeled James Twyman a Satanist?

    Since Twyman uses Jacqueline Ripstein’s painting of Our Lady of the Universe on his website advertising his CD, and presumably on the CD cover, and he uses it on his The Beloved Community website, I think the connection is established.  Ripstein has copyrighted the painting.  That means that at least they have a business arrangement, wouldn’t you agree?  Copyrighted material is not free for the taking, as I’m sure you know.

  • Carrie, you might better take some of your own advice.  Stay away from those weirdos or you may go astray!!  Some may ask, just what is drawing you???  Is there a certain curiosity, fascination with them?  “You know who” loves to begin that way- esp. with the self righteous.  Could you just possibly admit that you know not all about the intentions nor the complete repertoire of knowledge of theology you quite glibly debunk re: acknowledged reputable thinkers – already positively judged by other faithful in the same class?  Kinda reminds me of that little tune from Man of LaMancha “I’m only thinking of him”!  So, gosh, Carrie, “I’m only thinking of you”!  P.S., usually in circles that study such things, satan doesn’t normally praise the Blessed Mother of God in artwork or song that might just draw someone into closer contact with Her – or cause him/her to further their knowledge perhaps just out of simple curiosity, whichever way they’re introduced.  She has a way with the well intentioned even if stumbling for the moment.

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