Moore lies

Moore lies

Christopher Hitchens, the British leftist atheist who hated Mother Teresa and Bill Clinton with equal disdain, nevertheless aims a full broadside at Michael Moore’s ridiculous, offensive, and pandering Fahrenheit 9/11. Hitchens exposes all the self-contradictions, the fabrications, and muddled thinking in the film.

A film that bases itself on a big lie and a big misrepresentation can only sustain itself by a dizzying succession of smaller falsehoods, beefed up by wilder and (if possible) yet more-contradictory claims.

Moore is the perfect poster child of and the Democratic Underground and all those dimwitted, young lefties who wish they were born in the 60s and all those dimwitted, aging lefties who wish they were still in the 60s.

  • According to the article, Moore indicates that the burden of this war falls on the shoulders of African-Americans. I think that was also the stated case during the Vietnam War. I would like to see the statistics on this point as I personally saw very few Blacks in uniform up at Ft. Drum – where so many of our soldiers are being shipped to Iraq from. Perhaps they have all been shipped out selectively – I suppose that is what Moore would conclude…..I hate this obsession with race – today so many people classified as “African-American” have a white parent that I think it’s time to look at people as just……PEOPLE. Poor perhaps, Catholic perhaps, American perhaps….. but the race card should no longer be viable.

  • I remember seeing stats last year that said that while a slightly higher than average number of blacks weredeployed in the military (13% of US population and something like 20% of deployed troops), a lower than average number were actually deployed in combat units, i.e. less than 13%. In other words, blacks had a higher than normal representation in rear area troops.

    Now, I’m not saying that to cast aspersions on rear area troops—in this war everyone’s on the front lines—but just to show that Moore’s lies extend even to this area.

  • Moore told David Letterman he would debate any critic of his film. Christopher Hitchens pointed out on Scarborough Country last night that he had challenged him to a debate and received no response from Moore. Moore also has this “War Room” of people like Chris Lehane who worked for Al Gore who have threatened to sue anyone who “Libels” the film or Mr. Moore.  There was a funny article written by William Saletan at who all but begs him to sue him and really rips him a new one.

  • Hey we’re at war…..and you know the ‘ol saying….all’s fair… it’s ok to rip off intellectual property and promote lies in the service of truth………I think Hitchens could make the first great convert of the 21st century…and then he could do extreme penance for his unforgivable attack on the saint of calcutta….in the meantime I’d love to see him tear Moore to shreds in a debate and then I’ll do penance….

  • Postscript:  I’ll promise to pray a decade of the rosary DAILY for Hitchen’s conversion…will you guys and gals??

  • The fact that Hitchens is so loaded with hatred for Blessed Mother Teresa—and just about everyone else—means he’s probably ripe for a huge conversion.  I hope he does convert—he’d be an articulate, take-no-prisoners voice for Truth.  I think’s he’s ripe for a conversion.  I’ll add him to my daily rosary. too. 

  • Hitchens thought Mother Teresa was a hypocrite, that she got all kinds of special medical treatment while the people in her care got rudimentary care. As an atheist, he thought her first priority of the Gospel was a detriment to those who needed physical care. The usual blather. It is illustrative to note that his book about her was entitled “Missionary Position.” Disgusting and disrespectful. Typical.

    I have little respect for Hitchens actually, apart from his distaste for American liberals.

  • Thanks.  I also checked it out on the web, and it is indeed disgusting.  There is something wrong with anyone who can so blatantly misinterpret goodness.