Mission creep

Mission creep

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Once the brunt of the Scandal coverage had passed in Boston, Voice of the Faithful would show its true agenda by shifting to typical heterodox efforts to undermine authority in the Church, or what I called “mission creep.” To wit, a fawning piece on a local VOTF chapter looking for something new to do. For one thing, why is a newspaper, even a small local weekly, covering the meeting of 30 people gathered from not one, but four, parishes. That’s right, the interest in VOTF has dwindled to just an average of 7 people per parish. (I’d also wager that average age of the participants was somewhere north of 50.) Yet this newspaper treats them seriously, granting them a substantial portion of the newspaper page to cover their flailing about for something new to do.

And what emerged as a priority? Changing the structure of the Church, of course. But they then admit that don’t even know what the structure of the archdiocese is. How can they insist that the structure of the Church needs to be changed when they don’t even know what the structure of the Church is?

  • Kerry fits perfectly into “The Age of Fraud”.  It screams from our television sets, drips from the NYT’s fraudulent stories, wraps itself in a deceptive mantle around CBS.  Fraud is the priest who makes up his own doctrine; the bishops who promote a Leftist agenda; and a barrage of misinformation on every conceiveable issue from the spin masters in almost every discipline.
    As the late Neil Postman had noted, it fits with an age of the sound bite, the quick image, the fast and forgotten sex, and a large segment of Judeo-Christianity that is one step from incorporating Wiccan rites.

  • Heard this before?: you shall know them by their deeds.
    Kerry voted against the ban on partial-birth abortion.
    He can hold that rosary and cross and talk his ears off about God, but I know what he DID.
    ps. Thanks for your work Jaded.
    pss. John Hetman, love your entry!

  • VOTF is definitely a part of the ion>
    The Boston Globe‘s resident conservative columnist, Jeff Jacoby, expresses something that every politically aware Massachusetts voter has known all along: John Kerry has put on religion like a cloak for this election. Until just a few years ago, I didn’t even know Kerry was Catholic. I thought he was Anglican or something.

    But suddenly, now that he’s running for president, he’s got to appear to be deeply religious in order to appeal to all those Christians in flyover country.

    The senator who had never shown much public interest in religion suddenly can’t seem to stop talking about it. Biblical quotations now lace his speeches. He makes a point of referring to himself as a former altar boy. He frequently attends church – particularly churches in battleground states. He (or his staff) has let it be known that on the campaign trail he wears a crucifix and carries a rosary, a prayer book, and a St. Christopher medal.

    His problem is that no matter how much he talks about it and tries to put up a good front, it just never seems to fit, sort of like that outsized hunting jacket he tried on last week when he was trying to look like a good ole boy hunter, in contrast with Bush for whom expressing his faith comes naturally. In fact, that’s pretty much what Kerry is all about.


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    True Dom.  Most Catholics I know cringe when Kerry says he’s Catholics.  That’s why CatholicsAgainstKerry.com sells t-shirts and bumper stickers. (Yes, I know, free advertising).

    I used to think that there was no one I could loathe more than Clinton, I was wrong.  I don’t even dislike Hillary and Teddy combined as much as I dislike Kerry.  He stands for absolutely nothing.  He thinks that most people, little people that is, are to stupid to see through him.  He doesn’t even try to hide that he’s completely a fraud.

  • Kerry Kerry quite contrary, how does your campaign go?
    With no firm stance,
    And love for France,
    And abortionists all in a row!

  • Another great column by Jeff Jacoby. So happy someone has finally pointed out that loving your neighbor does not necessarily equate to taking other people’s money – that was the philosophy of Robin Hood, wasn’t it? Not Christ. It has always seemed to me to be more Christian to give of one’s *self*.