Mission creep

Mission creep

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Once the brunt of the Scandal coverage had passed in Boston, Voice of the Faithful would show its true agenda by shifting to typical heterodox efforts to undermine authority in the Church, or what I called “mission creep.” To wit, a fawning piece on a local VOTF chapter looking for something new to do. For one thing, why is a newspaper, even a small local weekly, covering the meeting of 30 people gathered from not one, but four, parishes. That’s right, the interest in VOTF has dwindled to just an average of 7 people per parish. (I’d also wager that average age of the participants was somewhere north of 50.) Yet this newspaper treats them seriously, granting them a substantial portion of the newspaper page to cover their flailing about for something new to do.

And what emerged as a priority? Changing the structure of the Church, of course. But they then admit that don’t even know what the structure of the archdiocese is. How can they insist that the structure of the Church needs to be changed when they don’t even know what the structure of the Church is?

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli