Milingo’s ongoing Moonie connection

Milingo’s ongoing Moonie connection

Amy Welborn notices an AP story that looks into whether Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo still has ties to the Unification Church apart from the “wife” he acquired from them. Milingo claims that lots of Catholics, including priests, are in the Unification movement.

But in a packet of statements the archbishop distributed to the conference participants, he said that he traveled to Korea this year “to join the many Catholics and Catholic married priests who are in the Unification movement.”

Married Priests Now! paid for the hotel rooms and meals of the couples, who came from the United States, Italy, Brazil, Mexico and elsewhere. Asked if Moon covered the costs, Milingo said, “This we do not talk about.”

I bet they don’t talk about it because they’re afraid of people being rightly scandalized. I think the Unification Church is a major movement that we don’t pay enough attention to in this country. Remember a few years ago they had that “coronation” ceremony for Moon in DC attended by all kinds of politicians and A-listers? What was that all about? Now this attempt to undermine the Catholic Church.

Something weird is going on.

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  • Moon’s publicity efforts may not gain him any credibility in the US, but they might be useful elsewhere: e.g., if people don’t realize that the politicians attending the “coronation” are wachos.

    I thought Moon would be expelled from the US after serving his sentence for tax evasion: what’s he doing still here?