This is the definition of brazenness. (Some other, less delicate, terms come to mind as well.) A former employee of a British Catholic publishing house convicted of pedophilia is suing for wrongful dismissal.

Earlier this year, Geoffrey Moore admitted five offenses of indecency with the girl and one of inciting a child to engage in sexual activity. He was given a 3-year community rehabilitation order, put on the sex offenders’ register for 5 years and banned from working with children for life.

The day after his conviction, Moore was dismissed by Kevin Mayhew, of Suffolk, a publishing firm which specializes in hymnals and liturgical music. Moore is now claiming unfair dismissal and is demanding The first meeting had the liturgy of the hours, a prayer by Joyce Rupp to Sophia [ed. note: an attempt by certain liberals to identify God in the feminine sense], and supper.  The written materials were secular.

My friend wrote the Bishop, sending him information about Joyce Rupp’s dissenting (Wiccan, he says) perspective towards the Church’s hierarchy and teaching.  The next month, the Gay Pride parade information was removed and the liturgy of the hours was gone.  People had complained vocally in the first meeting that ‘no one would come’ with that much prayer.  However, Rupp’s prayer was still there, with the name removed. This time it was a litany to the energy of God.

Their goal is to have a chapter in every Memphis Catholic church.  The diocesan bureaucrats are spending a lot of time on this.  I wish that the really marginalized, those who want to learn more about authentic Catholic spirituality through the ages, could be encouraged to have ‘chapters’ in every church.

  • Telling your average church bureaucrat to go and make his diocese gay friendly is like telling a six-year-old to go raid a candy store.  I’m sure that records are being broken in Memphis for bureaucratic efficiency in this cause that may have stood for centuries.

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  • Gays are really marginalized, in the sense that they are totally isolated from the message of truth about their condition.  The Courage apostolate exists to evangelize and convert that community, is endorsed by the Pontifical Council for the Family, and by all accounts is doing a great job winning souls for Christ.

  • To John Hearn,

    There’s a saying used in the Air Force when generals at higher headquarters make decisions that defy logic and common sense: “There must be something in the water at the Pentagon.”

    Well, there must be something in the water in the Memphis chancery (and I suspect a lot of others as well).  In which diocese was Bishop Stieb formed before he became Bishop of Memphis?  If it was Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St Paul, San Francisco, Chicago, Detroit, St Louis (of the May bishopric, not Rigali or Burke), or Milwaukee, then that would explain a lot of the gay-friendly outreach and more importantly why he allows it.  Does anyone know anything about this bishop?

    To seamole:

    I have heard of Courage, and I applaud what they are trying to do by reaching out to homosexuals to tell them the truth about their condition, help them accept the Cross, and help them live chastely if they can’t get cured of it.  I wonder if they would be persona non grata in Stieb’s diocese.

  • I found out where Bishop Steib came from (and why he vaguely sounded familiar to me).  According to, he is from the New Orleans Archdiocese, and then he was consecrated Auxiliary Bishop of St Louis in 1983 by the notoriously liberal Archbishop John May.

    To me, both the time frame (1980s) and the place where he was consecrated and formed as a young bishop tell me a lot: St Louis during the May years.

    May was a liberal coddler of heterodoxy and homosexuality in the Bernardin mold.  The NPR loved him, which tells you a lot there. 

  • I think that the perspective of Courage presented here is a little off. It really doesnmment_author>
    2005-07-14 12:59:22
    2005-07-14 16:59:22
    But he spoke english! Most of the ones here in NYC really do not, mooting any conversation.

  • Ah, my mouth is watering!  My younger daughter took me to a neat SF sushi place years ago and the memory lingers on….