Memorial acclamation

Memorial acclamation

What did the American bishops actually do on the whole memorial acclamationh the BCL inconsistently retained several other ICEL originals on their proposed list.) The entire list had to be voted up or down, not one item at a time.

Some bishops, including Egan, argued for retaining this popular “Christ has died” ICEL text. 

In the end, Bishop DiMarzio moved that the whole matter of alternative texts for the US be tabled until after the bishops have a chance to see/discuss/approve the translation of the whole Missal.

The VOICE vote on Di Marzio’s motion to send this entire project back to committee until after we have an English translation was ruled “inconclusive”. But the STANDING vote was overwhelming: 160 (yes) 70 (no).

So the whole business is tabled, for now.

Written by
Domenico Bettinelli