What did Levada expect from Newsom?

What did Levada expect from Newsom?

Archbishop William Levada of San Francisco issues a statement on the city’s violaton of the state constitution by issuing marriage licenses to gay couples. The archbishop’s points are valid, although once again we have the soft-pedaling on homosexuality/i> and the various charges made against it. He also quotes at length a foreword written by Gibson for a new book on the movie and invites me to quote it as well, so here it is. Mel’s motivations and point-of-view in his own words:

“People often ask me why I wanted to make a film about the Passion of Our Lord. My usual response is that I’ve wanted to make this film for over ten years, which is true. That seems to answer the question for most.

“The reality, of course, is more complex, and had its genesis during a time in which I found myself trapped with feelings of terrible, isolated emptiness. Because I was brought up to be a good Christian and a good Catholic, the only effective resource for me was prayer. I asked God for his help.

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  • That’s it. After watching Mel’s interview tonight and reading this I’m going to have to make the two hour drive to the nearest theather that will be showing this movie. I had thought to wait but now I’m going because I have to see it.